Blogger Outreach

Brands and marketing teams have been using blogger outreach when they would want exposure for their products or services that are targeted towards a particular audience.

Bloggers typically would write a blog, create a video (vlog) or post on social media to their followers about the product or service the brand is promoting.

Blogger Outreach is additionally used by SEO teams to drive “Link-Juice” from the blogger’s website to your brands’ domain to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

Blogger Outreach - DMT Solutions

Outreach that counts

Our Blogger Outreach service will build your website link authority and site ranking. We are experts in developing an effective content marketing strategy that will showcase your brand to your target audience with backlinks to your website.

We actively work with high-quality bloggers that have good rankings within search engines, which helps your content to get in front of the right audience.

Bloggers and Influencers are not bound by traditional marketing aspects such as tone of voice or brand guidelines leaving the blogger to be as creative as they like with creating new content that will show your brand in a positive light to their followers.

Manual blogger outreach - DMT Solutions

Manual outreach

We conduct manual outreach to establish relationships with high-quality sites in all niches and industries

Contextual links - DMT Solutions

Contextual links

We build links that are editorially written into the copy to ensure the flow of the content

High-quality content creation - DMT Solutions

High-quality content

100% unique high-quality content written by our own in-house UK writers

How will Blogger Outreach help my business?

81% of people trust the advice and opinions they receive from bloggers and influencers whilst 61% make purchases based on an influencer’s recommendation.

Bloggers help your business gain trust within online communities and the trust gained converts into sales.

Will Blogger Outreach help my content marketing?


The content bloggers create will be used to boost your brand awareness to their followers and network. Blogger Outreach is a form of Content Marketing that is also a ranking factor used by search engines.

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