Water Rates

Water rates in the UK were deregulated in 2017, allowing us to reduce your water costs wherever your company is on the UK mainland.

Switching water suppliers allows your business to benefit from better rates, improved customer service, tailored services, and simplified bills.

Switching business water suppliers is a simple task. You either pay your water bill based on a fixed rate or on the actual amount of water you use, measured with a water meter.

We also offer water and fuel conditioners that will help homeowners and businesses reduce their consumption and lower their bills.

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Why switch water suppliers?

Water is a key resource for and it is important to keep consumption low.

Our water partners are able to provide your business with:

  • Water audit,
  • water contingency planning
  • Water conditioners to reduce the consumption of water at the source.

Water rates are increasing across the UK, so businesses need to be aware of their bills more than ever.

We can help you reduce your bills by reducing your consumption through audits, contingency plans, installing fuel and water conditioner devices on boilers, equipment, etc.

Water Rates - DMT Solutions
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Benefits of changing water suppliers

Experience tells us that about 93% of businesses that use our services can reduce operational overheads and costs of between 15% and 35% within 3-6 weeks.

We have worked with SMEs right through to international multi-site blue-chip organisations. All of which have been able to benefit from our substantial group purchasing power.

Our money-saving experts have industry experience and continually reduce business expenses to create immediate operational cash flow.

Your account manager will deliver strategic and operational change to boost your gross profit.

Water Rates Reduction - DMT Solutions

Single site or multiple locations

Multiple sites, one region

If you have more than one business site, in the same geographical region then there are benefits to switching commercial water supplier, including:

  • an opportunity to show a cost-saving
  • no-cost, quick, simple and easy process
  • preferential prices and terms
  • like-for-like comparison of contracts
  • we will negotiate a better deal with your existing supplier
  • closely manage your water costs

Multiple sites, multiple regions

If you have more than one business site within the UK then the benefits of switching water suppliers could be even greater for you, including:

  • consolidate multiple water suppliers into one
  • consolidate multiple bills into one payment
  • save time for you and your accounts team
  • an opportunity to show a cost saving
  • preferential prices and terms
  • compare and present on a like-for-like basis
  • closely manage your water costs

5 Reasons why you should switch your water provider:

Our Utility Partners are continually reviewing the water marketplace to ensure your company gets the very best deal.

Given the risks and price volatility in the market, the need for specialist support is critical.

When the utility prices drop, you will be in the privileged position of having our specialists on your side. Our advisors will react immediately to ensure that you enjoy price reductions as soon as possible.

5 Reasons why you should switch your water provider - DMT Solutions
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Protect the environment 

Efficient water use can reduce the amount of water required. Protecting the resources, wider environment and wildlife

Reduce carbon-footprint

In the UK, water processing, purification and heating account for almost 1% of total emissions

Tax savings

Businesses can receive tax breaks by investing in water conservation technology. Companies can receive a 100% first-year allowance

Reduce business water rates

Saving water will reduce your business water bills. 70%+ of UK businesses overpay on water bills

Water and fuel conditioners

We can supply water and fuel conditioners to increase efficiency and reduce water consumption

How our process works

Our streamlined process is designed to make life easy.

Simply provide 3 months of existing contracts or your requirements and we’ll handle the rest.


A short call to review your circumstances


We find the best alternative suppliers for you


Impartial recommendations and full support

Our promise to you

We recommend keeping your current policy if we can not find you better coverage for less.

We will benchmark your current policy for free, so you can be confident that you have the right policy in place.

Our advice is free of charge, independent and non-biased.

We are paid a commission by the partners we work with when you buy a policy or take a service from them. 

As part of our commitment to the environment, we will plant a tree on your behalf with 1001 Trees UK

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