Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing or Paid Social has the potential to reach your target audience at scale while keeping your costs down, making it one of the most powerful forms of digital advertising over the last 7 years.

Our clients rely on our strategic and creative thinking to help them achieve business objectives whilst connecting with their target audience.

Whether it is building customer loyalty, increasing engagement, creating online communities or driving sales through innovative social media marketing, our dedicated team will develop and execute a plan that meets your business goals.

With so many different social media channels available, it is important to concentrate on the platforms where your customers are by focusing on growing your social media accounts via organic, paid and community-focused marketing.

We help businesses of all sizes from SMEs and startups to large multinational corporations.

We have worked with clients across any industry, B2B/B2C, niche/mass market and  international campaigns

Social Media Marketing is important for every business to remain at the forefront of your customers’ mind. We have the tools and know-how to help your business grow.

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Engaging your audience
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Types of social media

Social Media Marketing is all about showing targeted audiences eye-catching advertising, that directs them to take a specific goal-driven action such as completing a form or making a purchase.

We work to your business goals with specific strategies and outcomes that are aligned with KPIs.

In 2021, digital advertising spending in the United Kingdom was forecast to reach 17.34 billion British pounds, up from 15.08 billion estimated for 2020. Statista

Paid social media

Paid social media ads are equipped with advanced targeting capabilities that allow you to reach your ideal target audience. Social media users are more likely to interact with your brand on this platform because ads are engaging and tailored to their needs.

The biggest advantage of paid social is the wealth of user data freely available to advertisers, making it possible to target actual people in a smarter way.

Social media advertising allows you to increase conversions, gain followers, boost awareness and drive traffic while having 100% control of your budget and ad experience.

Paid social requires specialist technical and analytical capabilities. If you do not know what you’re doing, you can easily waste a lot of money. 

Our social media advertising services will connect your product or services to 1,000s of highly relevant people. Paid social media is often used alongside Pay Per Click marketing to target new audiences.

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Advanced social media

Advanced Social Media Marketing is focused on driving results through automation.

Automate interactive conversations in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger and SMS to engage with your customers to grow your brand.

Automated Conversations

Supercharge your social media marketing with messaging automation

More Sales

Personalised content and messaging converts more customers

More Leads

85% Open Rates and 35% CTR. Our advanced social media beats every other channel

More Prospects

Build long lasting customer relationships through interactive and tailored content

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