Payment Terminals

Hundreds of companies in the UK provide payment terminals, merchant services, accounts, and card payment processing services to UK businesses.

Payment terminals have different costs, and running charges and processing fees can quickly become expensive. The payment merchant a business uses should reflect the transactions and the company’s size. Too often, businesses are tied into merchants’ long-term inflexible contracts and do not support the company as it grows.

To deliver the best value for your business, we use our buying power to procure payment terminals, merchant accounts, PDQ machines, and payment gateways as flexible as your business.

Our partners provide your business with affordable, flexible and reliable electronic processing solutions to match your requirements.

Payment Terminals - DMT Solutions
Lower Rates - Payment Terminals - DMT Solutions

Lower rates

Benefit from lower rates and fees than the banks

Business Card Payment - DMT Solutions

Processing solutions

For desktop, mobile and integrated EPOS solutions

Independent - Payment Terminals - DMT Solutions

Independent audit

Review current pricing, negotiate improved terms

Serve Customers Quicker - Payment Terminals - DMT Solutions

Quicker processing

Superfast transaction speeds

Faster Payments- Payment Terminals - DMT Solutions

Faster payments

Same-day payments into your account

Income Protection - Payment Terminals - DMT Solutions

Income protection

Secure payment encryption and fraud prevention tools

Reduced transaction fees

We can provide your business with affordablesimpleflexible and reliable electronic processing solutions to suit your requirements as your business grows.

Whether your business already accepts credit/debit card payments or you would like to offer your customers the option of card payments, our lower rates will significantly reduce your annual costs.

We will present all of your options clearly and transparently, and you can benefit from:

  • No hidden fees or lengthy contracts
  • Free advanced fraud screening tools
  • Payment options designed to suit your business needs
  • 24/7 UK based award-winning support
  • Incorporate your payments with accounting software

You can integrate the payment solutions into your website or mobile app so your customers get the same user experience. 

Give your customers more payment options with Contact-less, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, Online, Phone and smart watches.

Payment Terminals for restaurants - DMT Solutions
The hospitality industry has been the hardest hit since the pandemic. Our procurement specialists have the perfect solution for your business as it adapts.

How our process works

Our streamlined process is designed to make life easy.

Simply provide 3 months of existing contracts or your requirements and we’ll handle the rest.


A short call to review your circumstances


We find the best alternative suppliers for you


Impartial recommendations and full support

Our promise to you

We recommend keeping your current policy if we can not find you better coverage for less.

We will benchmark your current policy for free, so you can be confident that you have the right policy in place.

Our advice is free of charge, independent and non-biased.

We are paid a commission by the partners we work with when you buy a policy or take a service from them. 

As part of our commitment to the environment, we will plant a tree on your behalf with 1001 Trees UK

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