Influencer Marketing

Engaging Your Target Audience

Our influencer marketing programme is a combination of offline, online and social techniques that form a part of our research methodology to find the ideal influencers for your business.

Every influencer is reviewed according to separate criterias including reach, location, engagement and more to assemble the most important individual influencers to your specific organisation.

All our ranking & scoring activity is manually carried out by experienced professionals that have an existing working relationship with our influencers and are able to get the best possible outcomes.




Content Creation

Influencer Marketing involves using key advocates to drive your message to the larger market in an organic way by using key influencers with social followers who have sway over your target audience.

Influencers could typically write, blog, create a video (vlog) or post on social media to their followers about the product or service the brand is promoting for either a free or paid endorsement or the influencer would receive a free sample to test and share the content with their audience.

Brands and marketing teams use influencer marketing to gain exposure for their products or services.

Industries Our Influencers Cover





Food and Drink






Sports and E-Sports



Finance and Insurance



How Can Influencer Marketing Help With My Brand Awareness?

Influencer Marketing is a straightforward way to gain more brand awareness by your target audience.

The influencer used in your campaign would have a following that is interested in your niche market and by having your influencer promote your product or service to their followers along with hashtags, your website URL or social tags will not only raise brand awareness but will also be counted as a social signal search engines use.

How Can Influencer Marketing Help With My Marketing?

Influencers are not bound by traditional marketing aspects such as tone of voice or brand guidelines leaving the influencer to be as creative as they like with creating new content that will show your brand in a positive light to their followers.

The content they create will be used to boost your brand awareness to their followers and network. Influencer Marketing is often used as a ranking factor by search engines use to determine the authority or relevance of a website.

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