Green Energy

Switch your business energy to 100% renewable green energy

We are able to supply your business with 100% green energy and access to our carbon-reducing green technology.

The climate crisis will only continue to worsen if we do not change our businesses and the way we live.

We will also plant a tree in your name every year with the help of our friends at the 1001 Trees.UK.

In 2020, the UK government promised to Build Back Greener by making the UK the world leader in clean wind energy – creating jobs, slashing carbon emissions and boosting exports. 

The government has set a sustainable clean energy plan to upgrade UK infrastructure and create up to 60,000 jobs directly and indirectly by 2030.

We offer a Sustainable Green Energy Procurement service via our renewable green energy partners.

Our clean energy partners specialise in procuring renewable energy contracts for small and large business energy users via their genuine renewable energy generators.

Green Energy - DMT Solutions

What is green energy?

Are you looking for a genuinely green tariff and competitive pricing for your UK business or school?

We offer sustainable green energy procurement service via our renewable energy procurement service. 

We can procure renewable energy contracts for both small and large business energy users via our framework of genuinely renewable energy generators.

All our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water.

Benefits of green energy?

Our suppliers generate clean energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

By diversifying the energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels, our suppliers have created further UK economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, increase property value and have reduced the impact of climate change.

We are working closely with our partners at, who can plant trees on behalf of our customers.

By planting trees, businesses can off-set the businesses carbon emissions and further reduce the impact on the environment.

Switching to cleaner energy has never been easier

No disruption to your supply

No engineer or installer visits

Certified 100% renewable electricity

No extortionate out-of-contract rates

How our process works

Our streamlined process is designed to make life easy.

Simply provide 3 months of existing contracts or your requirements and we’ll handle the rest.


A short call to review your circumstances


We find the best alternative suppliers for you


Impartial recommendations and full support

Our promise to you

We recommend keeping your current policy if we can not find you better coverage for less.

We will benchmark your current policy for free, so you can be confident that you have the right policy in place.

Our advice is free of charge, independent and non-biased.

We are paid a commission by the partners we work with when you buy a policy or take a service from them. 

As part of our commitment to the environment, we will plant a tree on your behalf with 1001 Trees UK

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