Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means corporations must show they are doing all they can to be responsible businesses.

A new standard that the Corporate Social Responsibility Accreditation (CSR-Accreditation) Four Pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy support.

CSR-A provides a structure that will help an organisation plan and act responsibly.

A new standard states that social responsibility should be for every organisation. For this to happen, the C in CSR must be more inclusive. ‘Corporate’ excludes many stakeholders, specifically the third and public sectors, sole traders and small SMEs.

We have re-defined the C to be more inclusive; to include Companies, Communities, and Charities.

Social responsibility allows you to enrich the quality of life for all by investing in social value as an essential part of an organisation’s culture.

Providing purpose and impact will ensure a sustainable and profitable business. In addition, it will help to build a better world for future generations by improving the environment and providing a cohesive community to live and work.

It is incredible what many companies are already doing and is not discussed. CSR-Accreditation provides the perfect opportunity for you to tell your business’s positive story.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap

CSR-Accreditation provides the tools and a roadmap to help your organisation show what good looks like.

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility?

  • Our partners are the only organisation in the UK delivering a global CSR Accreditation.
  • An independent assessment panel provides accredited organisations with validation for their CSR claims.
  • A powerful way to communicate positive actions to all audiences and stakeholders.
  • Educating all stakeholders about the benefits and challenges of creating a socially responsible organisation.
  • A roadmap for effectively embedding social responsibility into an organisation’s overall strategy.
  • An opportunity to build on the achievements identified through accreditation.

CSR Accreditation provides the tools to benchmark what you are already doing. It is a process in which you collate, measures and reports on your organisation’s socially responsible activities.

An Accreditation will also provide you with a roadmap for planning future activity and the content for a social impact report.

The application provides a simple process where you record activity against the Four Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Each pillar is designed to help you report on energy performance, recycling, staff engagement, health and well-being, community engagement, and local and national charity support.

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Natural Resources

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Labour Practices
Ethical Practices

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Local Issues
Wealth Creation
Projects and Groups


Charitable Involvement
Pro Bono
Fund Raising
Financial and Gifts In Kind

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