Content Marketing

We have created content marketing and content strategies for some of the world’s leading brands.

Our content team will create high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage your target audience, whilst promoting your brand.

A content marketing strategy that identifies where your target audience exists, the best methods and channels to reach them.

We work with your business to establish goals, outcomes, demographics, target audience and other factors that are critical to ensuring success and a return on investment.

Put your marketing on auto-pilot when you streamline your content operations. Make every piece of content work harder for your brand and ensure that the right message is going out to the right people when they want it.

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Artificial Intelligence-powered content marketing

Artificial Intelligence-powered content marketing can help you build a more engaged audience, drive more revenue, and boost your bottom line.

The data is in, and it’s crystal clear: marketers can’t keep up with the pace of change on their own.

Our AI-powered software can help you create far more engaging and effective marketing campaigns than you could ever achieve on your own or with the use of traditional tools.

Having helped many clients outperform the competition, it’s your turn to experience the power of AI-powered content marketing for yourselves.

Our AI uses deep learning to analyse data on the web – news, articles, tweets, blog posts – and learn about the topics and issues that are most relevant to your clients. We then take this knowledge and create new content for our clients in a very diverse range of industries.

As a result, we help businesses all over the globe reach their target markets with compelling and engaging content.

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Using "Why" to create your content

A content marketing strategy is essentially your “why.”

– Why you are creating content?
– Who you are helping?
– How you will help them in a way no one else can?

Organisations will typically use content marketing to build an audience and to achieve at least one of these profitable results: increased revenue, raise awareness, lower costs, or attract customers.

Key information will help us build a content strategy using persona and keyword research to form objectives and key indicators.

Our content marketing will create a unique content marketing strategy template for your business that will include five key components:

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A compelling business case will highlight the reasons for creating content, types of content to create, the risks involved and what success should look like for your business.

A content plan will cover the goals you have established for your content strategy, the unique value you are looking to provide through your content and how it works with your business model. The business plan will also outline the obstacles and opportunities that you may face along the way.

By identifying and creating audience personas, we will then be able to create targeted content that addresses the needs of the consumer and plan what the content engagement cycle might look like. By creating an audience persona, we can map out the content that will be delivered throughout the buyer’s journey.

This is where we will characterise your content marketing in terms of the ideas and messages you want to communicate with your audience, how those messages differ from the competition and how the landscape will evolve once you have shared the content with your audience.

Marketing channels would include the platforms you will use to tell your story; the criteria, processes, the objectives will be for each  marketing channel and how you to connect them together to create a consistent brand conversation.

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