Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality For Business

Using either Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to market your products or services has become a lot easier in the last few years. Our technology team are able to develop apps that are both enjoyable and are related to your existing products or services.

Retailers are starting to use both AR and VR to enhance their customers’ experience. By allowing users to interact with the products and visualising the goods in their home, it makes the sales process easier and less time consuming for the customer. IKEA is using Augmented Reality to allow users to place furniture in their home.

Marketers have started to use both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to tell stories to their customers. Being open to using VR and AR to improve your business processes can help creatives, designers and managers innovative products, improve workflows, deliver training, or come up with new management ideas and designs.

Colleges are embracing Virtual Reality in their classrooms to teach students, expose them to new environments such as farming, train teachers and instructors, prepare students and recruit new students.

With the next generation being raised on the latest technologies, businesses need to reach their target market and remain at the forefront of their customers’ minds. The use of such technology will also help customers get to know your products or services in a different way, enhancing and building on the relationship with the brand.

Virtual Reality Uses

Real Estate

Investors, vendors and renters are able to visualise a property or environment from anywhere around the world without having to physically be at the location.

360-Degree Video

Users are able to be immersed in a new location. From watching a concert, sporting event or visiting a holiday location they are able to be closer to the experience.

Fitness and Sports

Companies operating in the fitness, sports and wellness fields are using the technology to enhance the experience of exercise by making it more engaging, interactive and producing healthier outcomes.


The tours and travels industry is now able to give clients a feel of holiday destinations around the world. This can benefit those that are unable to travel to locations due to mobility and health conditions the chance to scale mountains or dive into oceans.

Virtual Reality TV and Film

TV and films are being produced in virtual reality. This is changing the way users consume their favourite shows and advertising landscape and how stories are told to customers.

Workplace Training

Businesses are able to build low-cost, highly realistic training by allowing training participants to go inside lifelike scenarios and see how they perform.


Education providers are using Virtual Reality to train students on course modules, expose them to new environments, practice scenarios multiple times and reduce physical material costs.


The health industry are working in different areas including training medical students, physiotherapy, autism, therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain management, social cognition, dental surgery, treating anxiety disorders to name a few.

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